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This is a website dedicated to ideas and events--some philosophical, some political, all eventful.  

Balles Laws reflect some of Dr. Balles' philosophy.  The first of these gained recognition when it got published on the website of  the "Alternative Conservative" political philosopher Rosenthal.  The other 9 "laws" evolved out of 40 years of teaching, travel and reflection.  

Balles Political Commentary 2003 and 2004 includes a number of Dr. Balles' published articles during the current and past year.

Event Updates releases important items of news, opinion and analysis as they occur. 

Middle East News reports on events not covered in the Western press, which has rarely reflected anything but Israeli propaganda about what happens in occupied Palestine.

Bush Whacking presents some justifiable barbs at America's popular puppet.  This semi-literate Texas "thief" as Michael Moore has dubbed him in Stupid White Men deserves the thrashing he missed as a spoiled brat.   

Uncommon Thoughts include political articles and observations that the main stream media largely ignored or downplayed during the prelude to the pre-emptive Iraq strike.  They're preserved as reminders of what the villains in Washington and London would like us to forget.

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